Innovation On The PLM-ERP Edge

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Innovation On The PLM-ERP Edge

18th September 2017 Product Lifecycle Management 0
Innovation On The PLM-ERP Edge

PDM/PLM and ERP are two topics that continue to attract a magnanimous amount of the cumulative attention. The thing that is extremely likeable about this process is that it presents with absolute clarity the level of the connections in manufacturing enterprise, including logical assurances between the three major domains that we have – Design, Production and Business. Both ERP as well as PLM are trying to widen, and Production Domain is an evidently similar target for both PLM and ERP.
Since PLM came from administering the form and materials in product design, the ability to manage product and work-in-process data are much better as compared to ERP. On the other hand, ERP holds very strong on the capacity to manage serviceable environment. In the current scenario, with an extremely competitive business environment, both domains fail to coact successfully and, instead of giving way to manage openness and process clarity, have moved to the “marketing excellence” by initiating the invention of slogans like innovation and execution. PLM and ERP need to implant some common infrastructure and maybe be even open opportunities that can streamline the barter of the information and process that is flowing between systems in the organization.
PLM and ERP are extremely delicate and complicated topics. Here, there are multiple levels of leverages, starting from completely technical aspects, then moving on to IT-related conditions and concluding with highly emotional facets.

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