How Do You Want To See Your PLM Start Page?

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How Do You Want To See Your PLM Start Page?

18th June 2017 Product Lifecycle Management 0
How Do You Want To See Your Plm Start Page

One’s impression about any particular product that comes of use in their everyday life can be highly varied. It all depends on how a particular application welcomes them, and what one can see in its very beginning. If one can come to think about it, many of the applications we really like have an extremely clean, simple as well as attractive welcome behavior. Also, it is pretty evident that nobody wants to see apps that take time to warm up and bring you loads of unusable and unnecessary information.
Thus, getting back to PLM, here are some of the ideas on how a potential PLM start behavior can look like:
• The Opening.
This parameter is typical for a majority of the desktop apps. If one is working with a CAD system or some identical desktop application, this is definitely the way to go. They can open whatever they need, and just go at it. If the CAD app is sort of connected to the data management tools, one can probably have some enhanced version of the opening, however with the same ideas.
• Status.
Every one of us probably has to manage with a number of tasks, activities, people, processes, and so on. Therefore, a dashboard-like welcome page can easily be helpful in getting oriented on what exactly is going on.
• A To-do list.
This is another variant that has to be necessarily concentrated on, but that is chiefly on what one has in their work list for that particular day, that week, that month, the entire year, and so on. If one can think in terms of GTD, this would definitely be the place for the upcoming action.
Thus, we can conclude that there might be many more behaviors and ideas. But the end story is that with all the influences from the current world scenario, new environments will eventually become more web-ish and Facebook-like in the future.


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