Do We Need Reporting Standards in PLM?

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Do We Need Reporting Standards in PLM?

15th May 2015 Product Lifecycle Management 0

The reporting activities are majorly a part of the PLM services and/or the implementers. However, it is expected to see a growing interest from consumers to have the capacity to provide reports based on the existing data in the PLM systems.

Although there is no visible standard activity in the place, for the time being, we can see growing regulation activities, but increases in the possibility of establishing reporting standards is highly expected. Hence, requests for reports tend to come from regulators. In such a situation, regulations play the role of a generator in the authorizing of reporting standards. Reporting abilities are very much undervalued by the PLM systems in the current times. PLM vendors see these reports as commodities of low or almost negligible value.

What we have observed from earlier inferences is that reports in PDM and PLM systems function on an extremely primitive level. Technologically, they seem to be an integral part of the whole thing, but during the main evaluation, customers usually end up with the conclusion that all is doable, and they can select, re-format, and tweak the data as and when they feel the real need to do so. The problem is that the absence of reporting potential is basically not allowing the customers to get information about a certain product in a prompt manner and in a decipherable form. When user interfaces are perplexing, most of the users who might be interested in seeing relevant data are unable to put their hands on it.

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